Length Moulding
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   -We receive moulding in different length sticks from 3 feet to 18 feet.

   -The sticks are graded and cut to eight-foot lengths and shorter and allowances are given for defects.

   -Minimum order of 30' of one moulding.

   -Eight-foot length boxes are billed at maximum size limit.

   -For smaller length orders (less than 200') you may consider ordering shorter sticks (less than 5') to bring your shipping cost down. 

   -Quantity discounts are offered on length orders as follows:



                                                Footage                  Discounts

                                      0 ‑ 299   (assorted) ...Net

                                  300 - 499   (assorted) ...5%

                                  500 - 999   (assorted) ...10%

                               1000 ‑ 1499  (assorted) ...15%

                               1500 +          (assorted) ...20%



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